Upper Millcreek Bathrooms

 Upper Millcreek hall bathroom remodeling jetted tub

Upper Millcreek Area Hall/Guest Bath 

This hall/guest bathroom remodeling has many custom features. Most prominent is the oval skirted LASCO whirlpool/soaking bath tub, custom jetted with an in-line pump heater, provided by Certain Kitchen and Bath. There is a Porcher pedestal sink and toilet provided by Ferguson Plumbing. The original 3’x3’ window was removed and replaced with this beautiful 3’x4.5’ bay vinyl custom window that provides a relaxing tub view of the Salt Lake Valley. For the vanity there is a Robern by Kohler recessed medicine cabinet with side lights and heated mirror from Il Bagno Studio. To provide more toilet room, the hall closet was reduced in size to become a linen closet. (See a plan drawing in the "See For Yourself" menu.) Price range for a similar project: $25,000 - $30,000.

Upper Millcreek bathroom remodeling master vanity

Upper Millcreek Master Bath Marble Vanity

This master bathroom remodeling features a custom maple vanity with a marble countertop by Intermountain Stone and a large Kohler Ladena undermount sink. Here again, there is a Robern recessed medicine cabinet with side lights and heated mirror provided by Il Bagno Studio. The new adjoining vanity custom windows were cut into the home's brick siding facade where no openings had been previously. This natural lighting arrangement is the best I've ever been able to install for a better shave or makeup application. The exterior wall wood framing was rebuilt in this room with headers for the windows and recessed medicine cabinet. And, to add even more natural light and humidity ventilation, a new Velux skylight opens the ceiling, controlled by the remote wall switches seen left of vanity. The existing roof trusses had been previously cut out for another skylight, without proper reinforcement and against building code, given Upper Millcreek's Winter snowfall loads. A properly engineered roof trusses design now gives the homeowner peace of mind.

Upper Millcreek bathroom remodeling master steamer/shower

Upper Millcreek Master Bath Steamer/Shower

This master bath remodeling is proud to show a 4 piece Pearl fiberglass custom steamer shower surround that includes a Grohe body shower. Note the recessed wall shelves; there is also a small molded seat. The Steamist steam generator is housed in the cabinet to the left. (Steamist steam generator similar to that shown in the Man's Bathroom article.) This bathroom remodeling reversed the original shower and walled toilet compartment locations. Eliminating the toilet compartment partitions added much space to the room. All steamer/shower components supplied by Home Selections/Ferguson Plumbing. (See a plan drawing in the "See For Yourself" menu.)

Upper Millcreek bathroom remodeling glass block partition

Upper Millcreek Master Bath Glass Block

This master bath remodeling also features a Decora glass block partition installed by Howa Tile that adds just the right amount of privacy while keeping an open feeling. Three sets of mirrored bi-fold closet doors add an additional feeling of space to the room. Before the bathroom remodeling, the toilet was housed in a separate walled compartment located in reverse position relative to the steamer/shower (to the left). Kohler toilet supplied by Home Selections/Ferguson Plumbing. Price range for a similar project: $30,000 - $40,000.

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