Cottonwood Hts. Glass Mosaic Tile Contemporary Bath


Cottonwood Hts bathroom remodeling glass mosaic steamer/shower surround

Cottonwood Hts. Glass Mosaic Tile steamer/shower surround

Sometimes a bathroom remodeling can fulfill a dream. Here's the realization of this contemporary 3/4 bathroom: it’s red-hot glass mosaic tile surround, and the soothing, relaxing heat the steamer/shower provides. Note the Grohe 9" rain showerhead and Grohe Ectos showervalve trim for style pizzazz. The steamer thermostatic control is on the back wall, and steam outlet is lower right. The Steamist generator is close by in an adjoining utility room. (Steamist generator similar to the photo shown in Man's Bath article.) Plumbing fixtures supplied by Home Selections/Ferguson Plumbing. Rough plumbing assistance by Emergency Plumbing Service. The Euro-style frameless 3/8” heavy tempered glass shower door enclosure was fabricated and installed by All Purpose Glass. Read more about the bathroom, and read about glass mosaic tile installation in the Articles section.

Cottonwood Hts bathroom remodeling glass mosaic tile steamer/shower surround ceiling

Cottonwood Hts. Glass Mosaic Tile steamer/shower surround ceiling


The ceiling of this steamer/shower surround is lowered and sloped to allow condensed steam dropets to run off to the back wall without raining on the user. Note that the ceiling and walls in the rest of the bathroom are tiled with “Space Identity Blue” 21”x21” tile. The ceiling tile was installed using temporary 2x4 bracing supports to keep the heavy tile from falling while the thinset mortar adhesive cured. Ceiling and wall tile supplied by Contempo Tile, installed by the Contractor.


 Cottonwood Hts. bathroom remodeling glass mosaic tile steamer/shower surround seat

Cottonwood Hts. Glass Mosaic Tile steamer/shower surround seat

This photo shows the shower surround steamer seat. The one inch square glass “Tessera Red” non-irridescent mosaic tiles by Oceanside Glasstile were attached to the wall in one foot square sheets. There are over 16,500 glass mosaic tiles. The glass mosaic tile supplied by Contempo Tile was a challenge to install, to say the least. Glass mosaic tile squares could be cut with stained glass cutters. Mosaic glass tile installed by the Contractor. I think the red tiles make the steamer/shower surround feel HOT! What a bold, contemporary, bathroom! There's a corner "Space Identity Blue" tile soap/shampoo shelf above the seat. This type of shelf is my signiture design in bathroom remodeling, as other available shelves are too limited.

Cottonwood Hts. bathroom remodeling glass mosaic tile steamer/shower surround seat and pan

Cottonwood Hts. Glass Mosaic Tile steamer/shower surround seat and pan

This photo shows the steamer/shower surround seat and shower pan. The main design element to this bathroom remodeling was preparation for the surround glass tile installation. All surround sheetrock was removed. Felt paper waterproofing was stapled to the wall studs over fiberglass batt insulation. The entire steamer/shower surround was then waterproofed with two coats of a Mapei trowel-on membrane applied to 1/2” plywood screwed to studs. Then Wonderboard cementitious tile backerboard was installed. This technique prevented water/moisture from being trapped between the glass mosaic tile and backerboard, otherwise making it appear “blotchy”. Kallista toilet by Kohler, supplied by Mountainland Design.

Cottonwood Hts. bathroom remodeling tile lavatory

Cottonwood Hts. Glass Mosaic Tile bath lavatory

Here's a large, 36" wide wall mount Clivia lavatory sink, by AquaBrass, supplied by Mountainland Design, Grohe Atrio faucet provided by Home Selections/Ferguson Plumbing. There's a chrome towel rack underneath, for this bold contemporary bath. The 21”x21" square porcelain wall and ceiling tiles, "Space Identity Blue", are from Contempo Tile. Interestingly, the floor finish is a dark walnut stained bamboo strip floor, provided and installed by Underfoot Floors. The overall ambience of this bath provides for meditative and relaxed steaming. Price range for a similar project: $30,000 - $35,000.

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