The Remodeling Process: Step #2: Remodeling


The Remodeling Process: Step #2: Remodeling

When Remodeling is ready to begin, David Taylor Remodeling will draft a production schedule that is shared with all parties involved. Then the real work may begin. Remodeling is exciting. Making design choices is creative and absorbing. It is rewarding to turn a dream into reality, but it is also chaotic, messy and challenging. David Taylor Remodeling never lets a Homeowner operate under the illusion that a Remodeling project is a “walk in the park”. Remodeling will be a major disruption in your family’s lives. Strangers will be in and out of your home for days, weeks, or months at a time. Although we will take precautions to minimize your level of stress, you will find that a home Remodeling will inevitably tax your emotions.

Tips for Reducing Your Stress Level


     1.     Get away from it all.
During a remodel, your home, your nest, is disturbed. Gone is the refuge at the end of a long day. Instead, you have disorder. Because it is stressful to go for long periods of time without a respite of peace and quiet, we suggest “getting away” for a while. Go for a walk, go to the gym, or take a class. Take your family away for a long weekend or a vacation.

     2.     Keep your expectations realistic.
Maybe there isn’t room for a trash compactor. Maybe French doors cost more than you anticipated. Maybe your budget cannot be stretched to cover the eight-person hot tub. Be sure to be candid with us about your spending limits, so that the first set of designs does not have to be scaled back after you have fallen in love with those French doors!

     3.     Expect the unexpected to impact the schedule.
We will generally start a project with an estimated time frame, but decisions and choices need to be on track and on time to make that achievable. In spite of that, schedules can and often do break down at some point during a remodeling project. Maybe the faucets you fell in love with are back-ordered due to a washer supplier strike in
Georgia. Maybe the electrician’s wife just gave birth to triplets, and he took the afternoon off to be with her. Maybe a snowstorm in Minnesota delayed the delivery of the countertops… the list goes on. Be mentally prepared to deal with unexpected delays. We will try to stay on schedule within a range of weeks, and while that may not be as exact you want, it's at least not setting up false expectations.

     4.     Communicate and take positive, decisive actions.
Throughout the project and especially before it begins, communicate your needs openly and honestly with our team. You have the right to question or challenge any decision made. Establish a reliable two-way method of communication such as e-mail, faxes, Web site interface, or handwritten notes at an established place in the home. Do not rely merely on voice messages at either end, as they can be forgotten or inadvertently erased. David Taylor Remodeling guarantees that there will be a designated worker for you to communicate with throughout the duration of the project.

Remodeling is an emotional rollercoaster, but with good communication and a Contractor who is sensitive to your expectations and needs, the experience can be what it is meant to be: exciting, fun and rewarding.

(adapted from Blue Ribbon Construction, Raleigh, N. C.)

You will look forward to the last step of the Remodeling Process: Step #3: Remodeling Completion.

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