The Remodeling Process: Step #1: Pre-Remodeling


The Remodeling Process: Step #1: Pre-Remodeling

At this Pre-Remodeling meeting, David Taylor Remodeling and the Homeowner will review all documentation together again and decide upon a start date. Other topics covered at this meeting include:

     ·        How you should prepare your house for remodeling

     ·        Setting up a temporary kitchen

     ·        Setting up a temporary bathroom and location of a portable toilet (for Affiliates)

     ·        Location of the materials and tools staging areas


     ·        Location of a debris dumpster and debris control, traffic barricades

     ·        Dust and damage control

     ·        Lead paint hazard for homes constructed before 1978, asbestos hazard, mold/mildew 

       ·        Home security and project safety

     ·        Children and pets and their access to the worksite

     ·        Parking for Affiliates

     ·        How production schedules and working hours will impact your family

     ·        Review Schedule of Values

     ·        Delays incurred and why

     ·        Job signs and permit box locations

Discuss the project with your family, so they know what to expect. Remodeling can be stressful, particularly for small children, and especially if the area being remodeled is a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. The workmen, noise and dust can be a very real annoyance. We understand this and will do our part to make a minimal impact on your life and your schedules.

We make extensive use of drop cloths, plastic room dividers, positive pressure dust fans, and vacuums - but remember that sheetrock and plaster dust are difficult to completely control. We will provide special plastic carpet covers where heavy construction traffic is likely. If there is to be a kitchen remodel, we will help you set up a temporary kitchenette area with your coffeepot, microwave, refrigerator and hot plate in another room.

There are other precautions that both the Contractor and the Homeowner must take to ensure a project where frustration is minimized. David Taylor Remodeling will provide you with an instruction sheet including details about the removal of items of value, paintings, wall decorations, rugs, drapes and furniture from the project area.

Depending upon the scope of the job, your yard and landscaping may be damaged. David Taylor Remodeling will re-grade, seed and straw damaged grassy areas. Unless specified in the contract, shrubbery will not be replaced. If shrubs are designated to be saved, we will make every effort to tie them up to allow room to work in that area. If tying is not a practical solution, you may be advised to have a landscaper remove shrubs for future re-installation.

(adapted from Blue Ribbon Construction, Raleigh, N. C.)

Finally, after due preparation, you will be ready for Step #2: Remodeling.

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