The Design Process: Step #1: Initial Contact Project Profile

We appreciate the time you spend thinking about this project profile. To best serve you, it is important that our services match the profile of your project. Fill it out to your own benefit, so that you will be fully prepared to itemize your goals. We will call based on your phone or email message to further discuss your project and set an appointment time for an initial site visit at no cost or obligation to you.

In the interim, please begin the planning process by creating a wish list of all the features you'd like to see in your project. Prioritize these by importance, so that when it comes to budgeting, we can offer you options (see website project descriptions for likely project cost comparisons). Desired features might include: a French Door between rooms, a granite countertop, double vanity sinks, or a microwave oven. We do not share this information with any other parties. (This page is a sample only, and not enabled. Please click on this link to go to Contact Dave. Thank you.)





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       $20,000 or greater

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The next step in the Design Process is: Step #2: Initial Site Visit


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05-20-10  Green Sticker Reminder  In 1998, the changing composition of natural gas supplies entering Questar Gas's system required new recommended appliance settings. Customers were advised to have their appliances checked and, if necessary, adjusted. A Green Sticker on the furnace or water heater provides proof that inspections and proper adjustments have been made. Today, Questar continues to strongly urge customers who do not have Green Stickers to have their appliances inspected and adjusted by a certified heating contractor as soon as possible. Research shows that the Green Sticker program has enhanced customer safety by raising public awareness about the need for annual appliance safety inspections and the benefits of proper appliance adjustment.

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