Interior Pre-hung Door Replacement






            Charge tax on Merchandise                   YES

            Charge tax on Installation Labor             NO

Measurement Required                          YES     

Installer Delivery Available                      YES           

Supplier/Millworks Delivery Available    YES


A pre-hung door system includes a door slab cut and prepped with a doorknob bore, mounted with hinges in a jambs frame correctly sized for the wall opening, with casing molding. Site measurement/inspection is required to verify Customer measurements reported and to check for additional work and/or materials required. No installation will be done without this inspection. 



BASIC INSTALLATION INCLUDES:                               $135.00 Retail

·        Site measurement/inspection;

·        Removal of existing single interior prehung door system to 36”, including door, jambs, and interior moldings;

·        Installation of new standard single interior prehung door system to 36” in existing rough opening, (cost of door system is not included; fabricated by Supplier, Sunroc Building Supplies Door Shop), provided by Installer;

·        all misc. fasteners, shims, etc. included;

·        Installation of new standard 2 ¼” interior paint grade casing moldings from Supplier, (cost of casing moldings is not included due to style variations) provided by Installer;

·        Installation of new standard passage or privacy doorknob from Supplier or others (cost of doorknob is not included), provided by Customer or Installer in prehung prep bore;

·        Installation of new standard hinges by Supplier (cost of custom hinges not included);

·        Disposal of old door, jambs, moldings;

·        Jobsite cleanup.

NOTE: Multiple Discount Policy. We offer Customer a discount for multiple doors installed during the same order, 4 doors minimum.   $20.00 each



·        re-hang existing door slab in new jambs (labor, material included)          $ 75.00

·        Double French doors, flush bolt/ball catches                                                 195.00

·        sidelites, each                                                                                                     60.00

·        transom                                                                                                   estimate only

·        mullion covers, 1 set each (labor, material included)                                      30.00

·        bracing (labor, material included)                                                                      25.00

·        jamb extensions, from 4 9/16 to 5 1/4” (labor, material included)                  35.00

·        Wall touch up/patching (drywall mud & tape)                                       estimate only

·        Flooring modifications (carpet, tile, vinyl)                                             estimate only

·        Modifications to rough opening                                                             estimate only

·        Outside 15 mile radius from door shop (one way, per mile)                             2.50

·        Installation of custom moldings                                                             estimate only



The Customer will need help in selecting materials needed to finish a new door they will be proud of:

·        New prehung door unit of correct height, width, jamb width, door swing

·        New hinges upgrade

·        New passage or privacy doorknob upgrade

·        Wood doors, jambs, and moldings must be sealed and painted by others within 72 hours to comply with warranty. Materials to finish/seal door unit: primer/paint, stain/sealer, paint thinner, brushes, sandpaper, steel wool, masking paper and tape, painters caulk and spackle.



·        This installation is only for replacement of existing doors.

·        No work will be done on Sundays or legal holidays.

·        The Installer will call Customer within two working days after notification to set up a site measurement/inspection appointment.

·        New prehung door units will be installed in existing rough openings provided they are reasonably square and plumb, where no rough opening modifications are required.

·        Installer is prohibited from performing any installation which, in the Installer’s professional opinion, would be unsafe or violate local or state building codes.

·        Additional charges at the jobsite for hidden or undetected structural defects may be necessary to complete the installation and/or to bring the installation into compliance with local or state building codes.

·        NOTE: Doors between house and garage are required by code to be exterior solid core fire-rated doors requiring lockset and deadbolt, self-closing hinges, threshold, and weatherstripping

·        Customer must be present while Installer is in Customer’s home, unless other arrangements are made.

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