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Hello, please allow me to introduce myself, Dave Taylor. I originally come from the upper Midwest, being raised in Minneapolis and Milwaukee through grade school, then living in the San Francisco Bay area for high school and college, where I attended Cal Berkeley for 2 ½ years. I then moved to Utah for the skiing. I guess I missed the change of seasons in California; I know I felt a need to be closer to snow. I’ve lived in the Salt Lake City area for over 30 years, and in my Canyon Rim home for 12 years. I have a small, 16 years old cat, Samantha, who assists me in writing my blog. Read it for interesting information and article links.

As a child, I remember my Grandmother once telling me, “You use your hands well. You should work with your hands.” I know I’ve always had a desire to build things, whether it be airplane models or houses. I’ve been involved in some form of construction since moving to Utah in the early 1970’s. I first tried working on a HeberValley alfalfa/hay farm, where you’ve got to be a handyman in doing everything for yourself. I’ve worked as a laborer on a gas pipeline, and was a bricklayer’s hodtender in helping build an elementary school, where I learned to appreciate hard work. I apprenticed as a carpenter’s helper in framing many homes in the SaltLakeValley in the mid to late 1970’s. And, with that experience, I feel that I have great skill as a rough framing carpenter. Eventually, I challenged myself to try my hand at finish carpentry, and then to remodeling. As a further progression, carpentry layout and design skills apply easily to tile installation. It gives me great satisfaction and pride to see the tangible results of my building creations, and to make other people happy in helping them realize their dreams.

I’ve had my own Utah State General Contractor license since 1993. I also have had a Utah State Realtors license, so I can readily appreciate and understand home values, and the long-term benefits of home remodeling. I frequently attend construction seminars to update my understanding of codes, practices, and laws. And I also keep current on the latest building practices, techniques, and materials.

There’s been plenty of time for me to pursue my life’s passion, skiing. I enjoy Snowbird, and an occasional ski tour in the Wasatch back country. I also enjoy bicycling year round, both road cycling and mountain biking. My good level of fitness keeps me flexible and in shape for remodeling activity. Recently, I took up golf. Hobbies include camping/hiking, sailing, vegetable gardening, cooking.


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Here's What I can Do For You...

 With over 35 years construction experience, especially in the challenging area of remodeling, I can handle your project. I love rough framing carpentry for the geometric challenge in problem solving. I think glass block has timeless and classic beauty. Tile allows me to be creative. And, I love the natural beauty of finish carpentry hardwoods. So whether it's kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, doors, windows, skylights, or finish woodwork moldings, I can help you remodel! Finding a great solution to your remodeling situation is most rewarding. From design to the finish product, I will offer you complete remodeling services. My goal is to help enable your enhanced lifestyle! I hope you find the following examples informative. Thanks for your interest. Call me, 801-485-4358, or e-mail from this website.

3900 South West Temple Offices Connecting Pedestrian Bridge

3900 South West Temple Offices Connecting PedestrianBridge

I’ve always enjoyed framing carpentry challenges. This is a commercial project that links the second floors of two office buildings at West Temple and 3900 South. Walls were framed on the ground, then lifted by crane into place and enclosed on top of this narrow pre-cast concrete bridge. Bridge by others. The main consideration here was for wind loading, from either the North or South, causing a venturi effect between the two buildings to push on the tall walls. Plenty of bracing is installed in the ceiling/roof of this structure. An amazing amount of communications wiring is laced through the ceiling framing of the pedestrian bridge that connects the two office buildings.

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08-01-10  The August 2010 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine has a comprehensive section on home kitchen remodeling. Included are tips on makeover ideas to help homeowners better manage their project. The magazine has rated several product catagories, including appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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    “With the resurgence of the housing market, consumers are spending more than $300 billion annually to upgrade their homes since nearly two-thirds of the nation’s homes are over 30 years old,” said Marvin Ellison, chairman and CEO of JCPenney, in a release. 

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